Serrapeptase Ebook

Serrapeptase Ebook

Serrapeptase ebook

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The "Miracle" Enzyme is Serrapeptase - The 2nd Gift From Silkworms, is a book written by Robert Redfern, "The Serrapeptase Guy."

The book gives readers the opportunity to find out more about Serrapeptase - the enzyme that is now plant grown and harvested in vats.  Detailed history of the Serrapeptase enzyme is provided, as well as information about the various conditions and ailments it can be used with. This 34 page ebook also highlights reports and studies by medical professionals concerning its effectiveness. 

The first section covers what enzymes are, what they do, where they come from and if they are safe. This is followed by more detailed information about Serrapeptase itself. This includes an overview, its uses and reports and case studies from different users and practitioners.

The book also includes The Mike Tawse Story, a remarkable account of how Serrapeptase has helped a man suffering all his life from spastic diplegia, which is a type cerebral palsy. It restricted his muscle control and his mobility. But thanks to Serrapeptase he was able to stop taking the prescription drugs he had become used to and improved his quality of life tremendously. You can find out more about Mike's heartwarming story on his personal website

The next section lists 45 reasons to take Serrapeptase, listing a vast number of conditions that have responded positively after taking it, including blood pressure, catarrh and cardiovascular disease. It also includes numerous testimonials from people that have benefited from Serraenzyme, since it was first used in Europe and Asia over 30 years ago. The last section part uses and action plans.

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