The Super Nutrient Serranol

The Super Nutrient Serranol

Super Nutrient Serranol MultipackSerranol
is a major breakthrough in nutritional supplements.  It combines Serrapeptase and Curcumin X4000, to reduce inflammation, as well as Vitamin D3, to boost the immune system, and Ecklonia Cava, with it's calming properties. Together, these ingredients offer support for healthier cells, joints, blood flow, heart and circulation, as well as healthy cholesterol.

Each capsules contains the following ingredients, delayed release, so that absorption is optimal.

Serrapeptase  - 80,000iu

CurcuminX4000 - 250mg

Ecklonia Cava Extract - 50mg

Vitamin D3 - 1,000iu

What Conditions may Benefit from Serranol?

Now you may help to relieve the symptoms related to the following conditions:

*Poor memory

*High cholesterol

*Asthma and allergies

*Bad circulation

*Neuralgia, arthritis and inflammation

*Obesity, weight gain and diabetes

Serranol is safe to use and gives fast results. There are no side effects reported about this natural product and you can increase or decrease the dose at any time. Simply adjust it to suit your requirements. This super nutrient is anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, pro-immunity and pro-circulation. It really is a wonder supplement!

Where Can I Buy Serranol?

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