SerraPlus+™ is a nutritional enzyme and mineral combination, containing Serrapeptase, the purest MSM and trace minerals, and is formulated to supplement what you fail to find in your average daily diet. Accompanied with a healthy lifestyle, the completely natural ingredients found in the NEW Double Strength SerraPlus+™ encourages better well-being for you in general, especially your inflammatory system. It also supports your lungs, joints, cartilage and connective tissue. All this and without any negative side effects.*

Serraplus Multipack

This amazing high dosage formula delivers 80, 000IU of Serrapeptase in enteric coated tablets.  This gives the best absorption.  It also includes 50mg of Trace Minerals  which compliments the enzymes. Combining 350mg of MSM for lungs, joints, skin, and connective tissue repair, this makes the formula far more effective than the other basic Serrapeptase products.

SerraPlus+™ Benefits:

  • Relieves wheezing and breathing difficulties
  • Helps with revitalization of your respiratory system
  • Added nutrients for healthy joints and cartilage
  • Helps healing of scars, lesions and tendons
  • Inflammation relief

Where to buy SerraPlus+:

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