Serra Enzyme

Serra Enzyme

Serra Enzyme™ is the Serrapeptase enzyme that became widely renowned as, ‘The Miracle Enzyme’. It has been extensively used throughout the past 3 decades, with 23 studies, successfully being used by doctors all around the globe. Coupled with 1000's of real life testimonials, SerraEnzyme becomes an essential supplement to what you would never normally find in your daily diet. Serra Enzyme aids to prevent and remove dead tissue, also removing unhealthy inflammation. This allows the body’s naturally healthy processes to function better.

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The Serra Enzyme™ tablets are enteric coated. These capsules are a delayed release type and need to be taken on an empty stomach. This makes sure they are activated in the small intestine, rather than in the stomach. The slow release gives time for the enzyme to bypass the stomach.  The good news is that there are no known side effects or clashes with any other  prescription drugs or supplements either.

SerraEnzme contains 80,000IU’s of natural Serrapeptase and is formulated to give maximum benefit in the minimum time.

Serra Enzyme™ 80,000IU is recommended for the following:

  • Aids in recovery from unhealthy inflammation
  • Revitalizing of the digestive system
  • Encourages healthier joints and cartilage
  • A healthier body genarally
  • Support for a healthier Cardiovascular system

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