Serrapeptase for Scar Tissue

Enzymes such as Serrapeptase benefit our bodies, as they remove and prevent the formation of scar tissue, which is technically known as Fibrosis. It is one of the main contributing factors in sudden deaths, particularly as we get older.  This is because we produce less enzymes when we are over 20, and by the time we have reached 40 or so, the levels are insufficient. As an example, people who suffer with cystic fibrosis no longer produce their own natural enzymes, which makes them more prone to illness, as their bodies are weaker. Scar tissue eventually forms, as their lungs shrink in size.

Scar Tissue

When the body produces too few enzymes, it is unable to control the high levels of fibrin from wounds and cuts. This penetrates into the internal organs and blood vessels and can lead to very serious conditions such as uterine fibroids, fibrocystic breast disease, adhesions and endometriosis. This can effect both men and women, the latter being more likely to suffer from it according to studies. The best way to control the scar tissue is to replace the lost enzymes with SerraEnzyme.

Serrapeptase is ideal to control scar tissue, as it replaces lost enzymes and helps the body to digest tissue that is dead, leaving healthy tissue unaffected. It is a very powerful enzyme that was originally discovered in the intestines of the silkworm, which uses it to dissolve its cocoon. By taking it, the issues associated with a lack of natural enzymes and too much fibrin can be avoided. It has been shown in a number of studies that adding enzymes to the body enables it to halt and reverse fibrosis and the unpleasant effects it has.

The transformation and disappearance of old scars is remarkable and this applies to conditions such as surgical wounds, pulmonary fibrosis,  unsightly keloids and kidney fibrosis. Doctors and healthcare professionals have been using this technique for over 30 years in Europe and Asia, and more recently it has been used in the USA. Two Serrapeptase products worth considering to help heal scar tissue are Serranol and Serraplus+SerraPlusSerranol

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