Serrapeptase Benefits for Asthma

The term "Asthma" refers to a variety of similar lung diseases that can have various causes. It can be life threatening so must be taken very seriously.

You should always take your prescribed medicines for asthma, when symptoms don't stop get help, and it's important to know your asthma symptoms. If possible, work out a plan to get off the drugs and completely control your Asthma without using drugs. Most drugs all have short term and long-term side effects and can eventually shorten your lifespan.

What causes Asthma?


Most medical and pharmaceutical businesses believe it is genetic, or caused by dust mites, pollution etc. They say the solution is to stay with the drugs. Another view is that diet causes allergic triggers and all it is is a friendly bacteria deficiency. Although with some people this is the case, it is not a life sentence and proper corrective actions will keep Asthma symptoms clear even in those people.

The common cause to Asthma triggers is inflammation. This is proven by the fact that the drug of choice, steroids, is actually an ant-inflammatory.

How can Serrapeptase help with Asthma?

Serrapeptase naturally clears out all of the inflammation, mucus, dead tissue and scar tissue. Once these problem tissues are cleared, then the body’s own healing system takes over to replace it with healthy tissue, resulting in better bronchial lung functions.

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