Serrapet – Serrapeptase for Animals

Serrapet – Serrapeptase for Animals

You may not know this, but Serrapeptase is safe and suitable for animals, particularly dogs, cats and horses. In fact humans and animals can now share the many benefits that this gift from the silkworm can provide. SerraPet is especially formulated for animals and the great thing is that, as it is not a drug, it requires no prescription, and is considerably cheaper than conventional animal drugs. As Serrapeptase is a natural product, there is no need to worry about potential side effects either. If it helps your pet and saves you money, that is an addition benefit.


SerraPet has successfully been used by vets to treat dogs suffering great pain from arthritis. Pet owners have reported amazing improvements after completing a course of it. SerraPet has also been used for the following problems in animals:

* Sinus, lung and other types of mucus problems

* All kinds of Pain

* Cysts

* Inflammation after injuries or surgery

* Mastitis

* Scar tissue

*Swelling & trauma

Serrapet is a 100% natural product that doesn't include any harmful chemicals. It is very safe to use for horses, cats and dogs. Each tablets contains a full 80,000iu of Serrapeptase.

If you want your pet to enjoy optimum health for sinus, lungs, tendons and joints, Serrapet is beneficial. If they are unfortunate to suffer injuries or illness, Serrapet is essential, to help them recover from their wounds,injury or surgery.








To ensure proper digestion into the small intestine, these tablets are enteric coated, which means they don't get stuck in the stomach. They should be taken before food on an empty stomach. No side effects have been reported, so it is safe to take Serrapet with other medicines or pet supplements.

Now available in 250,000IU strength!

"I gave SerraPet to my horse, as he had sustained a bad injury to his tendon, last April. When he had a scan in June it was discovered that he was experiencing chronic tendonitis, and that a lot of scar tissue had developed in several places including  the tendons, in the tendon sheaths and around surrounding ligaments. The outlook was not very good. Anything other than light hacking would have to be moderate and guarded, according to the vet's report.

I didn't know what dose of Serrapet to give him and had to guess to be honest.  For 6 weeks I gave him 640,000 IU of Serrapet daily,  and then for the next two months I reduced it to 480,000 IU a day. For the last to months I reduced it down 240,000 IU. After this time he had another scan.

I was delighted to say that the scan showed an almost complete recovery, with little scarring on the tendons, and none in the ligaments or tendon sheaths. I fully expect him to be back at work very soon.  Over the next few months I will increase the work slowly, and I will a maintain a lower Serrapeptase dose of 160,000 IU a day for the foreseeable future.

To say I am delighted with this remarkable recovery is an understatement and I have no hesitation in recommending Serrapet to any pet or animal owner!”

Liz Hayden


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