Serrapeptase Eases Compressed Disc Pain

One man's experience with Serrapeptase: He first decided to try Serrapeptase after reading an article in the UK national press stating its benefits as an anti-inflammatory agent. He found that Serrapeptase, which is also known as SerraEnzyme, was readily available in the UK from Good Health Naturally.

He suffered from severe inflammation caused by a compressed disc in the lower back for six years. He had to rely on NSAIDS for pain relief, even though he didn't like taking them because of possible long term side-effects. He found serrapeptase more effective than NSAID in this respect, and after a course of this remarkable product, he felt considerably better. This is because Serrapeptase is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Compressed disc

Also, it just so happened that there is a history of heart disease in the mans family on both sides of his parents. Although he showed no symptoms, he felt comforted knowing that serrapeptase may well be removing any build-up of arterial plaque.

The man was also mildly asthmatic and for as long as he could remember, had suffered from nasal blockage on one side or the other. This has dramatically reduced and more often than not, completely vanished, since he began using serrapeptase.

He also stated he had not noticed any side effects. In over 30 years of use there have been no reports of side effects as a result of using this enzyme.

Serrapeptase can ease all kinds of pain. There are literally 1000's of testimonials from people who have tried Serrapeptase for pain relief.

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