Serrapeptase for Hay Fever

Serrapeptase for Hay Fever

Millions of people suffer from Hay Fever every year, as it is a particularly common ailment. It is triggered by a pollen allergy as well as spores from mould. With Hay Fever, our body's immune system reacts badly when exposed to external substances, which are treated as toxic items. This leads to irritation and inflammation. It is also related to eczema and asthma and is often passed down to other family members. It is fairly common to see a family where someone suffers with asthma, another with hay fever, and others eczema. Worse still, any individual might suffer with more than one of these conditions.

Hay fever

Hay Fever Symptoms

Symptoms differ from person to person but very often they  involve sneezing, a runny or blocked nose, itchy, watery, and red eyes, as well as the associated sore and itchy throat. In many cases there's also a wheezy chest, which strongly suggests an element of asthma.

The worse time for pollen is unfortunately during early summer, just as school and university examinations are taking place. Because of this sufferers find it hard to study and revise and it becomes difficult to perform well in the examinations themselves.

Causes of Hay Fever

Many would be experts incorrectly state the cause is down to pollen. What they should be saying is that the cause is a dysfunctional immune system, which is started by the various types of pollen in existence at different times of year. Therefore, different people are affected at different times, according to the type of pollen that they are allergic to. Other contributing factors, which can make the situation worse, are things such as the weather and air quality.

Hay Fever Pollen

Conventional Treatment

Traditional drugs such as Antihistamines, as well as Steroids, are not satisfactory treatments for Hay Fever, as they are unable to combat the cause, and just as bad for the patient, they all have some side effects or other. In fact in recent years a UK Hay Fever medication had to be withdrawn, due to the ‘unacceptably’ high number of deaths from its use! This would suggest that there is an acceptable level of death, which is crazy and should never be the case.

Other Factors

More often than not it is an intolerance to foods, such as dairy products and wheat. Bowel dysfunctions such as constipation (not passing stools several times per day) will also contribute. Insufficient water intake, less than 8 glasses per day, not meaning coffee tea or soft drinks, will also be a factor. Poor diet is implicated without doubt too. Low levels of friendly flora in the body's digestive tract is also a culprit. Together, these lead to an increase in tissue allergic responses that are unhealthy.

Serrapeptase Treatment for Hay Fever

Serrapeptase  has been used safely to treat hay fever for over 25 years, with no reported side effects. Serraenzyme 80,000IU can help tremendously, as it clears out the mucus and inflammation. When this problem tissue is cleared away and removed, the body’s own immune system settles and stops the vicious cycle that long suffering Hay Fever sufferers have to endure. A suggested starting dose is 2 x Serrapeptase 80,000IU Tablets/Capsules every hour, until the condition clears. After this, gradually reduce to 1 per day.

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